Stabamid® High Performance

Challenge your ambition!

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With Stabamid® High Performance, you enter in a new dimension of the Performance. 

Stabamid® High Performance gathers our co-polymers and long chain polyamides, developed to fit with your most demanding needs.

Stabamid® offers co-polymers adjusted to specific needs, bio-sourced monomers, monomer formulations to high performance applications

Our Stabamid® products bring outstanding dimensional stability and thermal resistance to your applications. They are suitable for compounding and spinning processes and benefits from the best performance/cost ratio.

It's not sufficient? 

Just ask us what are your needs and we will customize our Stabamid® High Performance to fit with your ambition.

Stabamid® 6.10, Natural born performance polyamide

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Stabamid® 6.10, our bio-based polyamide 6.10 brings superior characteristics to your applications at a very interesting performance/cost ratio. 

Its outstanding properties make it the best candidate for monofilament, industrial yarn and textile fiber applications as well as compounding solutions.