Stabamid® Functional

Your Stabamid®, just as you need it!

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STABAMID® Functional, is our functionalized polyamide range, especially developed to take up your most ambitious challenges! Whatever the function you need, we have certainly already developed it!

Based on our high quality Stabamid® Original offer, STABAMID® Functional proposes a wide range of differentiated and additivated polyamide 6.6. It benefits from the high quality standard of our historical offer, allowing us to adapt it to specific applications. 

The Stabamid® Functional products are able to be post-condensed, we can obtain different level of dullness and UV protection, ... 

They also improve the performance of your applications such as the heat stabilization, the viscosity steadiness, the thermo-oxidation protection, ...

Whatever your application is, we have the good functionality*

Engineering Plastics: viscosity control (high fluidity, high viscosity & Post condensation), resistance to environment effects (ageing resistance, yellowing, resistance), chemical resistance LCPA (oils, salts, etc)

Industrial Yarn: end group controlled in a large range, viscosity control (medium/high viscosity/ post condensate), resistance to environment effects (thermo-resistance), hydro-affinity control (hydrophobic to hydrophilic)

Textile: viscosity control (special cross section), dyeing (from pastel to deep or ultra-deep, cationic or anionic), dullness (ultra-bright to ultra-dull), resistance to environment effects (UV resistance), hydro-affinity control (hydrophobic to hydrophilic)

Fibers: viscosity control, dyeing, dullness, resistance to environment effects (anti stain), hydro-affinity control (hydrophobic to hydrophilic)

*non-exhaustive list. Contact us to know more.