About us

Stabamid®, an expanding universe

In a constant evolution, our Stabamid® galaxy is continuously expanding to provide the best solution. Our entire range of Stabamid® Polyamide resin is available through 3 universes:

Stabamid®, the primary building block of your ambition

Pure, compounded, additivated or in co-polymers our customers already use our Stabamid® products in a vast array of applications such as:

  • Automotive: airbags, undercover parts, hoses & tubing, tire cord, …
  • Filaments & Bristles: monofilaments, textile, brush bristles, …
  • Industrial applications: Hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, precision gears, …
  • Electric & Electronic applications: safety switches and circuit breakers, …
  • Oil & Gas transportation: offshore oil pipelines & gas pressure cables, water and gas fitting, …
  • Construction: flooring, connectors, coatings, paints, …
  • Consumer goods: sportswear, hosiery, kitchen tools, … 

The Stabamid® galaxy is continuously expanding to always bring innovative solutions and serve your ambition as you deserve.  We won’t put any limits to our imagination to invent the polymers of tomorrow!

Stabamid®, a long-standing knowledge backed by an innovative service offer

The Stabamid® offer is a combination of both products and services, backed by Solvay expertise as a fully integrated supplier with 60 years of experience in polyamides. Our promise of quality, of continuous improvement… A unique know-how!

As an innovative and proactive partner, our teams of specialists are dedicated to bringing you their best expertise and service. By close collaboration to better respond to your businesses and innovation, we will supply you with the Best-In-Class solutions such as tailored supply chain services, product customization and co-development.

Stabamid® is the promise of superior quality polyamide resins thanks to the 3 high performance and top quality product ranges, associated with high value services. From order to delivery, from product to implementation, from support to assistance, you know you can rely on Stabamid®.

Stabamid® Original

Rely on long-standing expertise

Stabamid® Original is the Stabamid® historical offer, backed by more than 60 years of expertise in polyamide resins and a strong know-how.

Stabamid® Original is the guarantee of polyamide 6.6 with a consistent high quality level. 

Stabamid® Original is suitable for a vast array of applications in engineering plastics, textile and industrial yarns and performance fibers. Renowned for its exceptional properties (thermal, impact and mechanical resistances), Stabamid® Original is easy processable and ready to be compounded. 

Stabamid® Original benefits from a mastered fully integrated value chain, and a long-term knowledge in polymerization process. 

Stabamid® Functional

Your Stabamid®, just as you need it!

Stabamid® Functional, is our functionalized polyamide range, especially developed to take up your most ambitious challenges! Whatever the function you need, we have certainly already developed it!

Based on our high quality Stabamid® Original offer, Stabamid® Functional proposes a wide range of differentiated and additivated polyamide 6.6. It benefits from the high quality standard of our historical offer, allowing us to adapt it to specific applications. 

The Stabamid® Functional products are able to be post-condensed, we can obtain different level of dullness and UV protection, ... 

They also improve the performance of your applications such as the heat stabilization, the viscosity steadiness, the thermo-oxidation protection, ...

Whatever your application is, we have the good functionality*

Textile: viscosity control (special cross section), dyeing (from pastel to deep or ultra-deep, cationic or anionic), dullness (ultra-bright to ultra-dull), resistance to environment effects (UV resistance), hydro-affinity control (hydrophobic to hydrophilic).
Fibers: viscosity control, dyeing, dullness, resistance to environment effects (anti stain), hydro-affinity control (hydrophobic to hydrophilic).

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Industrial Yarn: end group controlled in a large range, viscosity control (medium/high viscosity/ post condensate), resistance to environment effects (thermo-resistance), hydro-affinity control (hydrophobic to hydrophilic).

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Engineering Plastics: viscosity control (high fluidity, high viscosity & Post condensation), resistance to environment effects (ageing resistance, yellowing, resistance), chemical resistance LCPA (oils, salts, etc).

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*non-exhaustive list. Contact us to know more.

Stabamid® High Performance

Challenge your ambition!

With Stabamid® High Performance, you enter in a new dimension of the Performance. 

Stabamid® High Performance gathers our co-polymers and long chain polyamides, developed to fit with your most demanding needs.

Stabamid® offers co-polymers adjusted to specific needs, bio-sourced monomers, monomer formulations to high performance applications

Our Stabamid® products bring outstanding dimensional stability and thermal resistance to your applications. They are suitable for compounding and spinning processes and benefits from the best performance/cost ratio.

It's not sufficient?  

Just ask us   what are your needs and we will customize our Stabamid® High Performance to fit with your ambition.

Stabamid® 6.10, Natural born performance polyamide

Stabamid® 6.10, our bio-based polyamide 6.10 brings superior characteristics to your applications at a very interesting performance/cost ratio. 

Its outstanding properties make it the best candidate for monofilament, industrial yarn and textile fiber applications as well as compounding solutions.

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Stabamid® Services

Stabamid® Services, you are in good hands

Over its long history, Solvay Polyamide & Intermediates has developed strong expertise in Polyamide resins. This know-how allows us to customize and create the polyamides which meet your high demand requirements. 

Stabamid® benefits from this experience over the years. 

Stabamid® is the promise of superior quality polyamide resins, associated with high value services, backed by Solvay expertise. From order to delivery, from product to implementation, from support to assistance, Stabamid® Services can offer you the best solutions. 

Stabamid® Services, customize your Stabamid® solution to meet your ambitions!

For our ranges of Stabamid® Functional and Stabamid® High Performance, Stabamid ® Services offers the possibility to customize our solutions according to your requests. Stabamid® Services establishes a close cooperation with you to better respond to your regular business and innovation stakes. Stabamid® Services constitutes a team of specialists fully dedicated to answering your specific requirements and bringing you their expertise and service. You have some business or innovation questions? Contact us!

Stabamid® Services, tailor-made services "à la carte"

As a fully integrated supplier of Polyamides, Stabamid® Services offers a dedicated and responsive supply network based on highly efficient production facilities and global coordination. From order to delivery, whatever your location is, Stabamid® Services is calling to our best experts. They are able to provide you the best-in-class innovative solutions, responsiveness, reliability to serve all your needs. Feel free to challenge us!